Board of Directors

Mr Bertil Olsson - Chief Executive Officer and board member

Mr. Olsson was born on the 11 of June 1944 in Åmål, Sweden. Mr Olsson is holding an M.B.A in economics from the university of Gothenburg, Sweden. He was during 1971-78 holding the position as Controller of Torwerk AB. During 1978-82 he was managing partner and principal owner of a private accounting and tax advising company. From 1982-1992 he was conducting diplomacy work and acted as a senior business consultant to major European industrial companies. From 1992- at present Mr Olsson is holding several non executive board position in mainly private European companies.

Number of shares: 3 000 000 

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Mr Cecil Sherwood - Non Executive Director and Board member, independent to the Company

Mr. Sherwood was born on the 25 of December 1942 in Dublin, Ireland. Mr Sherwood is holding a B.A in Economics and History from University College of Dublin and is holding a post graduate diploma in Economic science from the University of Dublin. Mr Sherwood has a vast experience in senior positions from mainly the financial industry, such as Managing Director of Sedgwick Forbes, Ireland, Managing Director of Legal Fees Insurance Services Ltd and has served as independent director on a number of section 110 companies. 

Number of shares: 0

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Advisory Board

In addition to the Board of Directors an Advisory Board for the Karabasch operations has been established.
The advisory team is headed by:

Mrs. Svetlana Basarukina - Senior Advisor

Mrs. Svetlana Basarukina, Director of Regional Development, is a geologist who works directly for Clarinova and is experienced in mining and oil well field development. Ms. Basarukina deals directly with the processing facilities, government agencies and technical advisors to Clarinova in Russia.


About Clarinova

Clarinova Limited is an Irish based company with its registered office in 103-104 O´Connell Street, Limerick, Ireland.
Reg no: 492065 

Clarinova Limited is wholly owned by the current CEO, Mr. Bertil Olsson.

The purpose of Clarinova Ltd is strategic investments financed by Bonds and other structured financial instruments.

Clarinova Ltd issued a Bond October 1st, 2012. The maturity is 10 years and the structure is a Zero Coupon Bond with face value of € 600 M. 

The Clarinova Bond is registered in the Euroclear system. 
ISIN: SE 0004870624.