The very basis of Clarinova CSR policy is to honour the United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights and the elementary ILO conventions and to encourage and assist our suppliers, subcontractors and associated companies to do the same.

In business, Clarinova´s commitment to CSR is demonstrated and continuously improved by emphasizing the importance of values, business ethics and good working conditions for sustainable growth.

Clarinova develop and operate our networks in accordance with best environmental praxis. 

Clarinova Board of Directors the 1st of November 2015 updated the CSR policy for the activities in the Company

About Clarinova

Clarinova Limited is an Irish based company with its registered office in 103-104 O´Connell Street, Limerick, Ireland.
Reg no: 492065 

Clarinova Limited is wholly owned by the current CEO, Mr. Bertil Olsson.

The purpose of Clarinova Ltd is strategic investments financed by Bonds and other structured financial instruments.

Clarinova Ltd issued a Bond October 1st, 2012. The maturity is 10 years and the structure is a Zero Coupon Bond with face value of € 600 M. 

The Clarinova Bond is registered in the Euroclear system. 
ISIN: SE 0004870624.